Last winter's flu season was even more deadly than you can imagine

Health professionals are urging citizens to get their flu shot

Local doctors are stressing the safety of the flu vaccine after a study found some parents remain skeptical about the shot.

For many people, flu season is little more than annoyance, but every single year thousands of people die from whatever strain of the disease is making the rounds.

Last year, 80,000 people died from the flu, which is the highest total ever recorded since seasonal flu-related deaths have been tracked.

With weather changes comes the inevitable start to flu season, if you are still debating whether to get your flu shot or not this year, here are some truths you should know about getting vaccinated. Doctors can report statistics and offer a broad glimpse at how bad the flu season is - and a year ago those warnings came swift, with cases piling up rapidly - but it's hard to nail down an exact number.

If you are experiencing those symptoms, call a doctor as soon as possible.

"It also reduces your risk for complications and passing it to other people, especially pregnant women, young children and the elderly", who are more susceptible to the virus, she added.

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The vaccine can take time to begin working.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say you should be vigilant with washing your hands, avoid touching your eyes and mouth, get plenty of sleep and eat healthy to help give your immune system a boost.

While reactions to the flu shot may include a low-grade fever or muscle aches, the vaccine can not cause the flu virus.

"I'd like to see more people get vaccinated", Redfield reportedly told journalists.

That said, the flu season in Australia, in particular, can give experts an idea of how severe the flu season in the USA might be - as the US tends to echo Australia in both severity and strains.



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