First evidence that soot from polluted air is reaching placenta

Scientists find toxic soot particles inside the placenta

"We have strong evidence that higher levels of road traffic air pollution in London are associated with higher risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as babies born of low birthweight".

"We were interested to see if these effects could be due to pollution particles moving from the mother's lungs to the placenta".

Dr. Lisa Miyashita, a post-doctoral researcher at the Queen Mary University of London, explains in a statement that scientists are aware that air pollution affects fetus development and continues to do so for the rest of their lives.

It's no secret that a mother's exposure to pollution can harm her unborn child.

On examining the particles using powerful electron microscope, the researchers found that they resemble sooty particles found in macrophages in the lung.

The placentas of the five women were collected and analyzed after the deliveries, particularly the placental macrophages that are known to be part of the immune system.

New research involving potential mothers in the United Kingdom indicates that toxic air directly affects pregnant women and their fetuses, with evidence showing that particles travel to their placentas.

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A team of researchers from Queen Mary University of London found what they believe are tiny carbon particles, which are created during the burning of fossil fuels, in the placentas of five non-smoking women who underwent planned caesarean section births in London that produced healthy babies.

The scientists had chose to look at macrophages in other organs (other than lung) with an anticipation of finding direct evidence of inhaled particles moving out of the lungs to other parts of the body. The fresh witness, provocative moms living in London, UK, published sooty particles in the placentas of each of their babies and researchers deliver it is moderately that it is possible you'll perhaps perhaps presumably think referring to the particles entered the foetuses too.

A total of 3,500 placental macrophages from the samples were assessed, being digested with trypsin, displace and hyaluronidase.

"This should raise awareness amongst clinicians and the public regarding the harmful effects of air pollution in pregnant women". Even if the way these particles move is still not proved, they still have an adverse effect on the placenta.

The study findings were presented Sunday at the European Respiratory Society International Congress, in Paris.

Norrice Lue, a pediatrician who was part of the research team, said of the findings: "We do not know whether the particles we found could also move across into the fetus, but our evidence suggests this is indeed possible". On average, each placenta contained around five square micrometres of this substance.

According to Mina Gaga, president of the European Respiratory Society, "Previous research shows that pregnant women living in polluted cities are more prone to pregnancy issues such as restricted fetal growth, premature birth and low birth weight babies". Furthermore, they suggest that such issues - especially low birth weight - can still happen at pollution levels that are lower than the EU's recommended annual limit. "We need stricter insurance policies for cleaner air to reduce back the affect of air pollution on effectively being worldwide because we are already seeing a fresh inhabitants of younger adults with effectively being considerations". It costs a lot to produce. You can further help us by making a donation.


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