Why Khloe Kardashian can't breastfeed her baby

Breastfeeding challenges: Paediatrician urges mothers to seek medical help early

A consultant paediatrician with the National Hospital Abuja, Dr Tolulope Otuneye, has advised nursing mothers to seek medical assistance when breastfeeding becomes hard.

According to the World Health Organisation, mothers are supposed to exclusively breastfeed their children for six months before enrolling them on other foods.

Studies show that breastfeeding not only has benefits for babies, but for moms as well. It means the child will not be giving water or herbal concoction for a whole six months.

The report which analyzes data from 76 countries reveals that despite the importance of early initiation of breastfeeding, too many newborns are left waiting too long for different reasons, like feeding newborns food or drinks, including formula, the rise in elective C-sections and gaps in the quality of care provided to mothers and newborns.

A child's health is most vulnerable during the first 1 000 days of its life.

The theme of 2018 Breastfeeding Week, 'Breastfeeding: "Foundation for Life" is very fitting as breastfeeding especially exclusive breastfeeding is a win-win for all - baby, mother, family and society. These benefits are irrespective of where you live and your economic status.

A Professor of Child Health and Consultant Neonatologist, University of Benin/University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UNIBEN/UBTH), Charles Eregie, has once more asserted that there are no substitutes to breast milk.

The Michigan Breastfeeding Network has announced a statewide project to help provide quality care for moms and babies overtime.

Breastfeeding also has a positive effect on the mother. So then once they are aware it will be and informed choice; we know It's and individual choice so the mother has the right but at the same time we have to recognize the right of the children; that they also have the right to the best standards of health. "After that, if the baby and mother both mutually chose to continue, breastfeeding can be continued for up to two years of the baby's age", said Dr Asmita Mahajan, SL Raheja Hospital, Mahim. Citing lack of awareness and support systems to help a mother feed her baby after the delivery through C-section, health practitioners feel an urgent need for putting in place guidelines and support systems to help all such mothers with the required support to breastfeed the baby. It also boosts the child's Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and lowers his or her tendency of developing into a violent adult.

Israel signals any truce with Hamas to be limited in scope
The Trump administration's stated position is that Gaza should be under the control of Hamas's Western-backed Palestinian rivals. On Friday, it was announced that Hamas had agreed to a long-term ceasefire deal with Israel, as proposed by Egypt.

United Kingdom ‘to ask Russian Federation to give up poisoning suspects’
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City Council vote on ride-share cap
The legislation passed today also requires ride-sharing companies to have a minimum pay rate for drivers. Now the legislation heads for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's desk, who is expected to sign it.

When stressful thoughts and situations are combined, it might come in the way of the woman's milk production.

Exclusive breastfeeding levels remain low across Africa. The indicators covered include national policy, programmes and coordination, baby-friendly care and baby- friendly hospital initiatives, implementation of worldwide code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes, maternity protection, health and nutrition care system, mother support and community outreach, information support, infant feeding and HIV, infant and young child feeding during emergencies and mechanism of monitoring and evaluation system.

Top on the findings of factors that cause this is that women in the workplace often did not have enough maternal protection from their employers.

Globally about 40 per cent of babies are not on exclusive breastfeeding. It is further estimated that out of 18.8 million women exclusively breastfeeding at less than 2 months, the numbers nosedive to 10.7 million at 6 months.

Lagos State has already implemented this and others can take a cue from the Lagos example. This makes the mother be up more hours than she is asleep.

Another important issue is how soon mothers are expected to breastfeed their babies. This stage may pass; however, your baby may still demand breast milk. This can make you and your baby vulnerable to infections.

Otuneye said that low milk supply by nursing mothers could put a baby at risk for malnutrition, saying that it was necessary to seek medical help early. This is usually about 8 times during the day and 4 times at night but there should be no limit this is just a guide.

Even if you don't plan to or are unable to continue breastfeeding, Field advises taking advantage of colostrum, the first milk produced within 24 to 48 hours of giving birth. World Health Organization and UNICEF have created a Network for Global Monitoring and Support for Implementation of the International Code (NetCode) with the goal of strengthening capacity for Code monitoring, adherence and implementation. CPS supports and promotes breastfeeding.

City Health is launching the breastfeeding initiative in all clinics and Community Day Centres and will host an inaugural event at the Langa clinic on August 17. It is important that mothers are provided with the information to see to it that their child has a good start in life.



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