Organic makeup of ancient meteorites sheds light on early solar system

4.46 billion-year-old meteorite flew around in space before Earth was born

"These not only exist, but it occurred during one of the very first volcanic events to take place in the Solar System". This kind of composition is unheard of in meteorites - which typically have "basaltic" compositions with much lower abundances of silica - and can only be found in certain volcanic rocks from Earth. Astronomers tried to understand how our Earth began to support life and could there be life in other solar systems, - informs the newspaper The Independent.

Approximately 4.5 billion years ago, the catastrophic explosion of a massive star, a supernova, caused an huge cloud of cosmic dust and gas to come together and form our solar system.

Researchers aren't yet sure which body NWA 11119 originated from, but they theorize it must be an asteroid that has a crust similar to Earth's, Live Science explained.

Additional chemical analyses revealed that the meteorite closely resembled two other unusual meteorites - NWA 7235 and Almahata Sitta - suggesting that all three space rocks may have come from the same parent body, Srinivasan said.

The results of the study were published in the journal Nature Communications.

Researchers have identified a unusual meteorite, different from all the meteorites previously studied.

11119, a stone meteorite found in December 2016 in Mauritania, is the world's oldest igneous meteorite, according to new research.

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Most meteorites are formed through the collision of asteroids orbiting the sun in a region called the asteroid belt.

It is believed that when the gas/dust cloud collapsed, it formed a spinning disc-shaped area with the very same sun that we know and love in the middle. Asteroids are the remains from the formation of the solar system formation some 4.6 billion years ago.

Decrepit igneous meteorite entails indication to planet building blocks.

The NWA 11119 meteorite is about the size of a baseball and is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old.

A group of scientists from NASA studied the Moorish meteorite. Researchers, led by Dr Romain Tartèse of Manchester's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, have been analysing the isotopic makeup of oxygen in the organic materials found in these specific meteorites. "Meteorites like this were the precursors to planet formation and represent a critical step in the evolution of rocky bodies in our solar system", co-author and Arizona State University graduate student Daniel Dunlap said in the statement.

"Chondrites are a snapshot of the early Solar System, providing key insights on how protoplanets and planets formed and were processed", says Dr Tartèse. They thought it belonged to the Earth. This is basically a missing part of the puzzle that we've now found that tells us these igneous processes act like little blast furnaces that are melting rock and processing all of the solar system solids.

"Ultimately, this is how planets are forged", he added.



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