MARS Bioimaging Unveils a 3D X-ray Scanner

First-ever color X-rays deliver astonishingly clear pictures for more accurate diagnoses, researchers say

The color X-ray technology, which could help improve the field of medical diagnostics, utilizes particle-tracking technology developed for CERN's Large Hadron Collider. Because of this innovative form of x-raying, the images produced are reliable with high contrast and high resolution making the technology flawless for use in the medical field.

The machine's "small pixels and accurate energy resolution meant that this new imaging tool is able to get images that no other imaging tool can achieve", said developer Phil Butler of the University of Canterbury.

Professor Phil Butler, the father of Anthony, was the first person to be scanned. MBI works closely with customers to provide a wide range of spectral imaging solutions for applications ranging from cancer detection to development of novel contrast agents.

The technology is being commercialised by New Zealand company MARS Bioimaging, linked to the universities of Otago and Canterbury which helped develop it. The Medipix3 chip is now the most advanced chip available.

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According to their official website MARS, scanners generate multi-energy images with high spatial resolution and low noise. When an X-ray beam passes through a body, its photons are absorbed at different amounts depending on the density of material such as bones.

The images produced by their invention are clearer and more accurate than x-ray technologies now available. "We have already demonstrated using our small-bore system that it can be used for investigating composition of plaques that cause strokes, measuring the deterioration of cartilage, viewing bone-metal implant interfaces, and detecting small cancers in mice".

The new 3D color medical scanner, named MARS, is the result of a decade-long research and measures the x-ray spectrum to produce color images instead of black-and-white ones. As Aurélie Pezous, CERN Knowledge Transfer Officer states, "It is always satisfying to see our work leveraging benefits for patients around the world".



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