Han Solo Battles Tougher Reviews, Along With Galactic Bad Guys

Solo's Alden Ehrenreich is the loveable rogue we all hoped he would

In this image released by Lucasfilm, Alden Ehrenreich and Joonas Suotamo appear in a scene from "Solo: A Star Wars Story", in theaters on May 25. Considering the condition we find him in at the start of "A New Hope", it would be easy to expect a very dark ending to "Solo", but, without giving anything away, it's not quite as dark as it could have been. "Chris and Phil did everything they could to make it work, as did we". "I've always been a huge Star Wars fan and when I was watching the movie of course they made their own story breaking the original canon for Han Solo, but the story they replaced it with was good and the movie story line was unbelievable". However, they are seemingly shattered when, after bribing a border guard, only one of them escapes.

The narrative of Solo is unbelievably simple and direct for a Star Wars movie, which is refreshing in a universe now steeped with too much Jedi mythos and films featuring large parties that split up for most the film. He plays him as a relatively young 190 years old in "Solo". The entire first half feels dull-looking and often dimly lit, and after the visually stunning sequences of The Last Jedi, it's a noticeable letdown. It also means there are very few surprises to be found.

According to A.C. Crispin's trilogy of Han Solo novels, which sadly are no longer canonical, the Kessel Run is adjacent to the Maw cluster, a group of black holes which distort space and time.

I want to see more Star Wars films like this, free of Jedi, the Empire, the Rebellion, and the Force; just more regular folk making their way through a risky galaxy. After nine of these, we know the brand and how it's supposed to feel; but where Rogue One introduced new characters and complications to draw us into a story whose outcome was a given, Solo is content to coast on our affection for the established characters. But having somebody tell me that, I'm like, okay, cool, makes sense to me.

Emilia Clarke once again displays her charismatic qualities as Solo's Qi'ra
Lucasfilm Emilia Clarke once again displays her charismatic qualities as Solo's Qi'ra

Want to see how Han met Chewbacca and Lando? Curious where he got his blaster? Interested in how he got his name? Wondering what part of Chewie's diet could be more disturbing than eating Porgs? He admires Mayhew's approach to "Star Wars" fame.

The plus side, though, is that literally all of these unnecessary "origins" are now out of the way. Not only is he becoming the iconic character, but the young character is himself becoming the icon. But at this point in the life of Han Solo, he shouldn't be.

The film is a rollicking ride through hyperspace, starring Alden Ehrenreich as the charming smuggler and Donald Glover as his suave partner in crime, Calrissian. I haven't read any of those reviews, and I have not let the general percentage on Rotten Tomatoes influence my thoughts about Solo. Things don't go as planned and he links up with some space pirates, led by the always-entertaining Woody Harrelson whose cohorts include a tough-as-nails No. 2 played by Thandie Newton, as well as a female droid (voice by Phoebe Waller-Bridge) who manages to steal almost all her scenes with her observations about romantic relationships. They're all engaging to varying degrees despite the story around them lacking an equal hold.

Critics are also less upbeat about "Solo" than Disney's other "Star Wars" movies, giving it an average 72 percent approval on RottenTomatoes.com - the lowest score since "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones" in 2002.

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